Recipient Hire


In 2016 we began renting out our carefully selected Recipient mares to clients. We have worked with some of Ireland’s leading breeders and vets and have put together a great bunch of mares together again for 2017.

Our mares have passed the strictest of reproductive examinations and are kept in excellent health. All mares are wormed, vaccinated and have been attended by the farrier on a regular basis to give you every chance of carrying your mares embryo to fruition.

Some of the mares have had foals and some are maidens the majority are 4/5 year old Sport-horse types.

Synchronization is charged PER CYCLE regardless of whether the embryo flush yields an embryo or not. Synchronization can generally be achieved by just tracking our recipients own cycles if necessary however we will induce estrus.  The cost for this is €100 and for this we can ensure two mares have been synchronized and will keep them regularly  scanned to identify exactly the date of ovulation.

Transport: Can be arranged by the breeder themselves or we can provide transport to a vet clinic of your choice this is an additional cost.

Recipient hire: The cost per annum of hiring a recipient is €1400 payable when collecting your mare when the embryo is 45 days . The costs of pregnancy scan and heartbeat scans are absorbed by us as is the final scan at 45 days.

Tailored plan: Some breeders choose to board the recipients with us for longer and others return them to foal down. Please get in touch to discuss these different options.

It is vitally important that breeders keep in touch and let us know where their mare is in her cycle to allow us to ensure we have the best and most suitable recipient available when needed. Calling once the donor has been inseminated can often give us too little time especially during the busy breeding season.

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